The Benefits of a Good Flue, Do I need a chimney liner?

By ianbMarch 11th, 2013Recent Stove InstallationsComments Off on The Benefits of a Good Flue, Do I need a chimney liner?

The correct amount of draught is critical to the performance of your stove. Air is vital for combustion; you can see that when you blow on a small spark and it leaps into a giant flame. A good fire typically requires 15-25 cubic meters of air an hour. That’s a lot of blowing! It can only be provided by a good flue, the right length and diameter, installed the correct way and even the room it is installed in taken into account.

(Did you know a flue liner can be installed the wrong way round? It always makes sense to get a professional to do the job! If a liner is installed the wrong way up, condensate will form in the wrong part of the liner. This will reduce the lifetime of the liner and end up costing you more in the long run!)

Fitting a flue liner will improve the performance of your chimney. Over time, old chimney stacks become degraded by the constant heating and cooling of the air in them. This can cause the mortar between the bricks to leak dangerous gases and the rough, uneven surfaces can slow the passage of gases up the chimney. Often times, chimneys were intended for open fires, so a good liner makes them more efficient for a multi fuel log burning stove.

Installing a stove is only part of the process of saving you money. Having a good flue liner means a more efficient fire. A more efficient fire means less wood, logs or coal. Less fuel means cheaper running costs. It all adds up to saving you money!

If you would like professional help from HETAS certified stove and flue installers, give Doug or Martin @ HeatAsh a call. We are both experienced wood burning stove and flue installers, ready to offer advice and recommendations on the flue you need. Click here for our contact details.